Winter Solstice 2017


Winter consumes a large part of the year in Minnesota. As the days get shorter we build anticipation for the winter solstice–the shortest day of the year. Following the solstice the days get longer and the increased sunlight brightens the mood. 


This limited edition Utilitarian Jar is our interpretation of the winter solstice in Minneapolis. The days are largely dark and snow covers the ground. It is cold. It is beautiful.  The white snow brightens the shadows and also insulates the ambient noises of the city. Hushing. Peaceful.


This jar was conceived in January of 2017. We are happy to release this on the winter solstice of 2017. The edition is limited to eight pieces.




We created a custom black porcelain clay body for this edition. It is a dense matte black inside and out. Leaving it unglazed on the outside allows the true beauty of the ceramic to be seen. Following the final firing, the porcelain has been wet-sanded to a silky smooth surface–a delight to touch.

A special glaze was formulated to create the soft piles of white atop the pieces. The glaze was mixed and low-fired to stabilize the material. It was then crushed and applied to the jars for a final firing. The result is a delicate, juicy surface reminiscent of glistening snow.

While we typically use brightly-colored rubber bands to tie the pieces together, for this edition we sought out a black rubber band solution. These black bands not only complement the matte black exterior but are also UV resistant so they will last a long time (extras are included with every jar purchase).

Finally, we painted the traditional corks with matte black to complete the visual theme.

Making this Solstice Edition of jars was a great experience. While our work is generally bright and vivid this monochromatic edition feels true to the season.