S16 Utilitarian Jar

S16 Utilitarian Jar

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The jar Inesse is known for! Each porcelain jar is a construction of four parts that neatly stack together. The exterior is handpainted with a brightly-colored engobe. The interior is glazed with a glossy white glaze.

Each jar is outfitted with two black-painted corks and a UV-resistant black rubber band (extras included). 

This decorative piece will fit nicely on top of a mantle or console. Use it to hold small sentimental goods on your dresser-top. Fill it with flowers for a beautiful table vase.

Material: porcelain, glaze, cork, rubber band

Dimensions: 3.25" diameter, 5.5" height (small version) 6.6” (tall version)

Care: Hand-wash with soapy water.

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