Winter Solstice Utilitarian Jar

Winter Solstice Utilitarian Jar


We are pleased to announce this new limited edition Utilitarian Jar: Winter Solstice 2017. Inesse is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota where winter can hit hard. We wanted to celebrate and embody the darkness and snow of winter in this special edition jar. 

This jar is constructed of stained-black, high-fire porcelain. The outside is left bare, wet-sanded to a silky-smooth finish. The interior is lined in a glossy black glaze. Droplets of white glossy glaze adorn the top like freshly-fallen snow. 

Each jar is outfitted with two black-painted corks and a UV-resistant black rubber band (extras included). 

This decorative piece will fit nicely on top of a mantle or console. Use it to hold small sentimental goods on your dresser-top. Fill it with flowers for a beautiful table vase.

Material: black porcelain, glaze, cork, rubber band

Dimensions: 3.25" diameter, 5.5" height

Care: Hand-wash with soapy water.

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