How do you pronounce 'Inesse'?

Inesse rhymes with 'Finesse'. The name 'Inesse' is our contraction of 'in esse', which is Latin for 'in actual existence'. We really appreciate tangible and handmade goods, objects that possess visual appeal and can be held with your hands. All design and production is handled by ceramic artist, Ben Fiess. We are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 


Orders will be shipped within two to four business days. All orders are packed to safely transport your ceramic object: wrapped, padded, and double-boxed. Orders will be insured for their safe delivery. We are not set up to take international orders. If you're wanting to buy work and ship outside of the USA, please email us and we can arrange something.


We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Great care has been taken to represent photographs of the work accurately, however due to the nature of handmade goods, some variance may exist. To return or exchange and item, please contact us within 10 business days. Buyer is responsible for returning item in their original condition, at their cost. The original shipping cost is non-refundable. Please note that sale items (from the Backroom) are not returnable–all sales final.

Can I order replacement parts?

Inesse offers some replacement parts; unfortunately not all parts are replaceable. The nature of ceramics is such that a slight amount of warping or distortion occurs during the firing process (look up pyroplasticity–it is interesting). Objects that are made of interlocking parts are fired together to ensure that the parts distort together, but this means that parts fired separately may not fit. We do offer replacement "buttons" for the Utilitarian Jars in a variety of colors. They can be purchased here. If you're looking for replacement cork stoppers, they can be purchased at most hardware stores: size 2. 


I'm a retailer, how do I order wholesale?

Inesse loves working with both physical and online retailers. Please visit the wholesale page on the website to submit an inquiry!


Caring for the work

Inesse uses a variety of clays and glazes in our products. Our porcelain is fired to about 2250°F and is quite durable. Pottery wares are designed to be used frequently. We recommend hand-washing with mild soap. Dishwashing machines and detergent can dull the glaze over time. As with all pottery, care should be exercised when subjecting the ware to temperature extremes. Our pottery is not designed or intended to be used on a stovetop or oven. When filling cups with hot liquids, pour liquid into the vessel with the vessel resting on a surface, not in your hand. Pottery pieces are lined with an easy-to-clean glossy white glaze. Glazes do not contain lead.

Decorative wares (vases Utilitarian jars) are made with a bright white porcelain. These should be treated with care, hand-washing when they need to be cleaned.